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10th Edition
Master of Continuing Education

Polymeric Materials and Composites Technology

Course 2024/2025
More than 70% of our students FIND A JOBLEARN BY DOING in our laboratories and pilot plantsOur teachers are EXPERTS in the subjects they teachComplement your training with COMPANY INTERNSHIPS
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Master of Continuing Education in Polymeric Materials and Composites Technologies


The Master's Degree in Polymer and Composite Materials Technology (MTMPC) is a university-accredited qualification taught by the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV).
The master's degree provides the most comprehensive training in polymer and composite materials, processing technologies, property modification mechanisms for the design of new materials, and recyclability.
Our goal is to produce specialists who are capable of working in the plastics industry and to boost companies’ competitiveness and innovation.
Basic information about the Master's Degree
Face to face
AIMPLAS - Valencia, España
UPV - Valencia España
90 Credits
September 26, 2024 - June 27, 2025
Thursday mornings and afternoons, and Friday mornings. Scheduled company visits are usually held on Wednesdays.
10th Edition
The CATHEDRA AIMPLAS-UPV awards 12 grants to cover half of the tuition fees for this MASTER’S DEGREE.

Price: €3,450General / €3,100*Reduced

These prices reflect the amount to be paid by the student, since the grant from the CATHEDRA AIMPLAS-UV has already been deducted.

Price €6,900 General / €6,200* Reduced

* Applicable to students and graduates of the UPV, staff of companies associated with AIMPLAS and professional associations with an agreement signed with AIMPLAS
Until September 25, 2024 or until full capacity.

Why take this Master's Degree?

Technological centre of reference
Practical laboratory sessions
Visits to companies from the plastics industry
High-skilled teachers from UPV and AIMPLAS and also collaboration from relevant professionals from the sector
Practical pilot plant sessions
Master's degree designed to meet the needs of companies in the industry
More than 70% of our students FIND A JOB
Internships at companies
The students will be included in the AIMPLAS job placements list


  • Selection of polymeric materials and additives based on the application.
  • Understand the properties of polymeric and composite materials related to their structure and composition.
  • Determining the properties of polymeric and composite materials.
  • Testing of plastic materials and products.
  • Learning different processing technologies and how to optimize them.

  • Becoming familiar with applications and trends in polymeric materials and products.
  • Acquire an objective, comprehensive view of plastics in terms of sustainability and the circular economy.
  • Acquiring practical experience with operations in companies in the plastics industry in terms of production, quality control and innovation by participating in internships.

Who is it addressed to?

  • Upper- and mid-level graduates in science and engineering.
  • Professionals who are working at industrial, commercial or service companies, have at least three years’ professional experience and can prove that they fulfil the legal requirements for accessing university postgraduate studies.


The MASTER'S DEGREE IN POLYMER AND COMPOSITE MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY is made up of six parts. The 80 ECTS credits are divided into 330 face-to-face class hours and 110 distance-learning hours, as well as 750 hours spent on an internship at a company and a Master's Thesis Project.

To obtain the degree, it is necessary to pass all corresponding modules.

1. Plastic materials
Industrial Plastics and advanced materials: 55h

Composite Materials and Design: 52,5h

Adhesion and adhesives: 7,5h
2. Quality control and characterization of plastic materials
Characterization of Plastics and Composites: 52,5h

In-Service Behaviour of Plastics and Composites: 32,5h
3. Sustainability and the circular economy
Biodegradable and/or bio-based materials: 17,5h

Environmental impact assessment tools: 7,5h

Waste recovery: 32,5h

Decarbonization: 5h
4. Processes
Compounding: 15h

Extrusion: 35h

Injection: 37,5h

Composite Manufacturing: 30h

Surface modification: aesthetic and functional finishes: 25h
5. Product development
Moulds, Dies and Tools: 30h

Industry 4.0 in the plastics industry. Additive manufacturing: 15h

Production Management and Control: 10h
6. Sector Applications: Industry
Packaging, construction, automotive, nautical, aeronautical, health, agriculture and others.
7. Internships
875h (35 ECTS)
8. Master's thesis project
(6 ECTS)
Teaching staff

  • Teaching staff from the Universitat Politècnica de València.
  • Research and teaching staff from AIMPLAS, the Technological Institute of Plastics.
  • Professional experts from the sector

Our methodology combines theoretical classes with learning based on real cases and practical work in laboratories and companies.


Price reduced
*These prices reflect the amount to be paid by the student, since the grant from the CATHEDRA AIMPLAS-UV has already been deducted.
Grants to complete the master’s degree
The CATHEDRA AIMPLAS-UPV awards 12 grants to cover half of the tuition fees for this MASTER’S DEGREE
Price reduced

Internships at companies and high employment rate

At AIMPLAS, we are committed to the labor insertion of our students. That's why the master's degree requires you to spend 750 hours on an internship at a company between January 2022 and June 2023

Once you have completed the master's degree, your details will be entered in the AIMPLAS Job Offers platform, which specializes in the plastics industry. You may also include your profile on our talent website.