AIMPLAS reserves the right to modify the course’s date or cancel it by force majeure. In the event of cancellation, the attendees formally registered to the course will be notified as soon as possible and the amount paid will be reimbursed for tuition fees.  

The cancellation of registration/s must be informed by email to AIMPLAS reserves the right to apply charges to all the cancellations made in the two days ahead of the course. In case you do not inform, 50% of the course price will be charged for general expenses due to the registration management. 

Both in the access to the VIRTUAL CAMPUS and the identification to enrol on a course, the option I forgot my password is offered. 

If you press on this text, a window opens where your email is requested (the one you are registered with in the training website) and to which the user and password will be sent. 

If you have any problems, please send an email to

The usual method of payment is by bank transfer, but you also have the option to do it through a credit card payment link.

As a general rule, the course must be paid before it begins. 

If you want to enrol on a course you must access to the course’s informative sheet and click on PRE-REGISTRATION. 

Then two options will be shown: 

Register – If you are not a Campus user, you must click here to register and put your data, accept the conditions of use and pre-register.
Log in – If you are already a Campus user, you must write your user and password and click "log in”. End of the form. 

If you have attended previously an AIMPLAS course, you are already a campus user. If you have forgotten your password, click I forgot my password. 

In the next screen, you will see all your information (you can modify what you want). To end the registration it is needed to press the button at the bottom of the page "Accept conditions and pre-register”. 


Once the pre-registration has been made, a page will appear informing you that pre-registration has been successfully made and you will received an automatic email in the address that you entered in order to inform you.  


Then, from the training department, you will receive confirmation of your place by e-mail. It is usually at least 5 working days before the start of the course.